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Here at TITR ENERGO we can make standard equipment in a custom way:

  • Power Distribution Units

  • Panelboards

  • Switchboards

  • and many other

Power Distribution Units

PDU for mobile datacenters/containers

At our company, we specialize in providing power distribution units for a range of mobile units. Our product line includes standard solutions for 70/144 computers and miners, with the flexibility to customize the panel to meet specific quantity requirements.

Our power distribution units come with options for 20A and 40A circuit breakers, and can be configured with trusted brands like ABB, SquareD, and Siemens.

We also manufacture Main Distribution Panels with a capacity of 800A-1000A, as well as merged PDUs with MDPs for maximum efficiency.

Trust us to provide reliable power solutions for your mobile units, customized to meet your unique needs.


5101 NW 21st Avenue, Suite 140

Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309





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